Guide To Travelling Solo As A Woman (Part 1)

Happy Panda

I am going to start with a disclaimer – I am not a professional traveller, I’ve only done 6-7 trips solo as of now. But I am definitely someone who has enjoyed each of those trips and look forward to more solo trips. A lot of girls have apprehensions about travelling on their own. I did too and so did my family. The most important advice to be able to travel solo is to be self reliant – you should be able to do everything by yourself. Having said that, I really wish women would experience solo travel atleast once in their lifetime – mainly because it is so liberating. In this first part of this series, I want to share some general & safety tips to keep in mind while planning your solo travel.

Safety and general tips to keep in mind –


I started off…

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2 thoughts on “Guide To Travelling Solo As A Woman (Part 1)

  1. Love this post!!! I’m my 70s :o( and have been traveling solo extensively for the past 10 years. Waiting for a traveling companion with the same budget, interests, and energy wasn’t going to happen… Solo travel is both liberating and enlightening, especially when you’re fully focused on where you are, rather than who you’re with.


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