Favorite Halloween Lighting Trends

The Obstinate Fig

The time has come and Halloween season is upon us! I have only been antsy about this since I went to a theme park in June. This is the time when me and my people come out of the woodwork! You know who you are! Theatrical people, hidden goths, cosplayers, rockabillies, Halloween moms, carnies, re-enactors, Disney freaks, Poe readers, magical realists,  and closet witches. Did I miss anybody?


I don’t know if I ever mentioned this but I used to be a theatre major. Once upon a time I took college courses in lighting, set design, and costuming. I’m not exactly a pro but I’m not a novice either. There is no shame in being a novice. I know many novice Halloween decorators and cosplayers who could put me to shame. I am approaching Halloween like I approached my daughter’s wedding, it is all just one elaborate set.

I have…

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