Apple abandoned 3D Touch! How is the technology known as the Great Interactive Revolution abandoned?

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Why is the 3D Touch, which is called the new generation of multi-touch technology, frequently rejected by iPhone and other products? This article will analyze the reasons for this technology failure from a user experience perspective.

3D Touch

Last month, Apple announced their most successful product and brand — The latest version iPhone.

Most of the things in Keynote are expected. The most obvious new improvement is that the phone is more modern, larger, and has a diagonal of 6.5 inches, making it the largest mobile phone ever.

iPhone XS

However, the emergence of the iPhone XR has brought many differences to the iPhone’s product strategy. From a product decision point of view, this step is very embarrassing, is likely to change the future of the iPhone, and will change the way the iPhone is produced and marketed.

If you haven’t read Keynote and haven’t heard of it, then I…

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