Restoration of a 1959 Vintage Singer Model 403A Sewing Machine

Professionally Restored Vintage Fine Quality Sewing Machines


This restoration is for a Singer model 403A sewing machine. The customer purchased the machine as “refurbished” but had difficulty with the machine breaking the top thread when sewing thru multiple layers of fabric. She took the machine into a service repair shop where they oiled the machine and replaced the original foot controller with an electronic controller. The reasoning was that the original foot controller was a “fire hazard”. When the machine was returned, the problem persisted and when she questioned why, she was told that “you can’t go through more than 2 layers with older machines”. She had previous experience with the model 403A and knew this was simply not true. She contacted me to find and correct the problem, and also knowing that is not the case, I assured her that her 403A was a durable, and high-quality machine capable of any sewing project she could…

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