Cars| @BringATrailer Showcases The Nissan Skyline C10 Fully Refurbished


Hailing as one of the most impressive automobiles made, the Nissan Skyline C10 is a revered rendition of the skyline by all autophiles who have seen this iteration as a coveted edition. The now auctioned muscle made car is highlighted by  Bring a Trailer has a clean and tastefully modified example of a 1971 Nissan Skyline GTX KGC10 up for sale. Many argue that this is not the official  2000GT Hakosuka, which is renowned and also has a price tag of around $200,000. This much more affordable silhouette via Bring a Trailer, is still in classic form and very much a high ticketed item for any Skyline lover.

This particular example features plenty of modifications, ranging from an L28 inline-six engine that’s fitted with a Kameari Engine Works 3.0-liter stroker kit and triple Mikuni carburetors that is good for producing 186 HP and 200 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels…

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