Homemade Protein Shake Recipes Part 1

Be Inspired..!!

Are you a gym-going health enthusiast? Or are you on a weight loss spree? If gaining muscles and losing extra kilos is your target right now, then a healthy workout regime and a protein-rich diet is what you should focus on. When it comes to increasing protein intake, most of us resort to the easiest way, which is store-bought protein powders. Although, there are many health benefits of protein powder; but who knows what goes inside these products. Moreover, there are many taste-enhancers and artificial preservatives that are added in these store-bought protein shakes and bars, which are, of course, not good for our health. But, fret not! You can make your own protein shakes at home, with all natural foods, which can naturally give a protein spike to your diet.

Here are some home made protein shake recipes

  • Take 20 almonds soaked overnight in water and peel them off and add…

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