Tata Motors Electric Cars In India


Till present, there is only two Tata Motors electric vehicles in India. Tata Motors’ electric domain Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited make E.V.s and launch them. The first electric vehicle from Tata Motors is Tata Nexon E.V. and the second one is Tata Tigor E.V. Both the E.V.s were earlier launched as normal petrol or diesel cars, after some time, due of the increasing demand for electric cars, the company launched these two cars with the electric powered engine. In this particular blog post, I will let you know about these two electric cars with full details. So make sure you are continue till the end.

1. Tata Nexon E.V.

Tata Motors Electric Car In India 
 Tata Motors Electric Vehicle In India
Tata Motors Electric Car Nexon EV
Nexon E.V.'s features

Tata Nexon E.V. is the first electric car in India from the Tata Motors. It is made on ZipTron technology, which is the electric vehicle technology of Tata Motors. The company launched Nexon E.V. on 28 January, 2020…

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