8 Things to Improve your overall well being.


This 8 things are taken from the book “How to IKIGAI”.

Author has mentioned that the human mind is lousy(very bad) at guessing what makes us happy. A typical human thinks that a good source of income, a great house, a sexy body, and a expensive car will make him/her happy. And most of us prefer that for some time.

A great secret about human mind is that it gets used to about repeatative objects around it. Happiness is something a daily job and it’s your job to take care of yourself and your own happiness.

So, let’s begin with things that are outcome of a research done by many researchers who do not want me to put there names on this blogpost. For more information you  can read this great book, How to IKIGAI by Tim Tamashiro.

1. Acts of Kindness


Your smallest effort may mean alot…

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