How To Deal With Stress

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Get Enough Sleep.

Woman sleeping to avoid stress.

Source: pexel

The best way to deal with stress is to take a satisfying nap. Ditch work and smuggle yourself in bed? That’s what I’m talking about. Besides, what can your boss do? He wouldn’t have hired you if he could do the job himself. When nothing goes right, go to sleep. The first thing I do early in the morning is to create a to do list. Just kidding. I go right back to sleep. Kids sleep in bed, men sleep in sofa. Legends sleep in class. You can call me a legendary kid. Getting enough sleep helps you be the best in whatever you do. That’s my secret. I love sleep, you forget all about your pain, problem and stress for a while. Best way to escape home chores? Sleep right through them. Working all day to earn money isn’t my definition of stress. Stress…

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