Prototype Vision#5; Renault Trezor: The next Dezir from Renault



Ever thought about any vehicle which is purely based on electric but looks like a Ferrari or Lambo? Well, Renault had already unveiled a vehicle of this type! The vehicle is known as the Renault Trezor which is kinda successor of Renault Dezir which is initially designed as a luxurious sports car from Renault.

On the Point

The Renault Trezor was officially displayed at the 2016 Paris motor show. Trezor is 2 seater concept car from Renault which features a 260W/349HP of an electric motor which produces around 380Nm of torque. This powerful motor enables Trezor to accelerate from 0-100kmph in less than 4 seconds. The car is powered by a two independent battery packs which is cooled by air intakes from the honeycombed shaped grill on the hood which adds an awesome looking design language to all over the vehicle. The batteries are of 28kWh with the electric…

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