Audi Grandsphere concept explores the world of wheeled private jets

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When Audi debuted the Skysphere concept last month, we wondered why it didn’t use its telescoping car-growth system for a more dramatic transition, perhaps coupe to full-size sedan. As it turns out, it had an entirely separate “sphere” concept planned to fill the latter segment. Inspired by the world of private jets and first class cabins, the new Grandsphere concept shows just how large-vehicle passengers will live in the world of self-driving electric premium sedans. It’s Audi’s vision of “progressive luxury.”

Audi’s sphere concept trio explores how Level 4 autonomy opens up new possibilities in terms of in-vehicle space and drive-time experiences. The Grandsphere debuts as the luxury flagship of the group, a stretched, sporty four-door 2+2 that delivers personal space and free time opportunities thus far only available in chauffeured limousines.

As with the Skysphere, Audi’s design team started from the inside and worked its way out, the interior “sphere”…

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