As we discovered last year, in 2020, the GLB starts to fill a gap we didn’t know was missing from Mercedes-Benz. By offering a third-row option, it would be the only crossover in Mercedes lineup to have seating available for 7-passangers, apart from the much larger, beastly GLS; something not even the mid-sized GLE offers. That’s neither here nor there as the sampled GLB 250 we had back then and the GLB 35 we have now, both arrived short of its $850 third-row seat option; therefore, our second-row passengers sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the stretch out space of the back seat.

As crazy as it may seem for Mercedes to put their sub-compact GLB crossover in the hands of their drunk-on-power AMG division, there is something oh-so-special about this spruced up GLB 35.

After handing the GLB over to the AMG frat house, styling has been restructured to give…

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