A Few Things That Make Life Easier

Thriving in Simplicity

As I was saying last week, I haven’t had much energy as of late. One of the ways I have been able to keep up with our home is by relying on certain routines. There are other things engrained in my life that enable me to achieve goals (or at least not go completely crazy) without a lot of effort.

  • Meal planning: I don’t love to cook but I also don’t like to eat out regularly or skip meals. I find that knowing ahead of time what we are eating and having shopped for it, makes the cooking process go smoother. I have to confess that we haven’t been planning in the last few weeks and we have been enduring the consequences of unsatisfactory meals or lighter-than-needed meals. To make it easier to pick, we compiled a list of meals we already enjoy and usually stick to those.
  • Auto-saving

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