Myths About Exercise Part 4

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When it comes to physical activity, myths and half-truths are rampant. We are especially vulnerable to falling for myths when we search for shortcuts or other too-good-to- be-true “secrets” to maximizing our results. However, some of the more pervasive fitness misconceptions may simply be long-held beliefs about the best ways to work out that were accepted truths at one time but were subsequently disproven by new research.

True or False Question 7
– Lifting weights will lead to bulky muscles.

False. While men, in particular, can make their muscles big and bulky by lifting weights, not all do—and it’s way more difficult for women to do because they don’t have the specific genes or the hormones to add muscle bulk. (Men have up to 70 times more testosterone, a known muscle builder, than women.) Muscles themselves aren’t bulky—if you looked at one pound of muscle compared to one pound of…

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