6 essential tips for authentic character voice

Uninspired Writers

In creative writing, voice is everything. It is what defines the narrative and connects the readers. It is what agents watch for when looking for the story that jumps out at them. And more importantly of all, it makes your characters authentic. Getting it right can be tough. Some character voices may come without much thought, others require more work. And it’s vital that your characters don’t read the same, causing the reader to go back and figure out who’s talking. I’m sharing some tips I’ve learned so far;

Start with what’s natural
First drafts are for spewing out your story, as basic and messy as you like. So, start with what comes naturally. You might find that some characters just roll out, with a distinct voice that sets them apart from any others. If this is the way the character comes to you, perfect! It gives you the rawest…

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