How to calm and relax your mind

Matthew Ruttan

This isn’t an overtly “theological” post. I’m not going to get into the larger-yet-daily peace we can have with God.

In the wake of COVID-19 I’ve noticed that a lot of people are feeling anxious or stressed. Many are on mental high alert for longer than they’re used to.

So here are some simple-but-effective suggestions for relaxation and calming your mind.

1. Download an app with relaxing sounds. An example is ‘Relax Melodies.’ It’s free and there are sounds like rain, a river, wind chimes, and birds. As I write this I’m actually listening to waves lapping on the shore at a beach!

2. Turn your phone off for at least an hour before bed so that you mind has time to calm down before you (try to) go to sleep.

3. Watch a fun movie that doesn’t include stressful plot-lines or violence.

4. Listen to some relaxing and/or…

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