A Tale of Two Brownies

Endless May Dreams

We had some spare eggs last month and I wanted to bake some brownies. But we had been eating a lot of brownies lately, so I decided to try something a little healthier: substitute butter for prune puree. I found this website that lists substitutes for butter in baking recipes, along with tips and advice. 

I opted for prune puree as it was recommended for brownies and also one of the easier ingredients to find and purchase. For 1 cup of butter (185g), 3/4 cup (139g) of prune puree was to be used instead. I purchased the closest equivalent I could find in the supermarket: 2 prune puree pouches for babies – I didn’t even know this was a thing. Here are the ingredients for a healthier brownie bake:

It started out ok. Melting the chocolate with the prune puree was a lot quicker compared to non-room temperature butter. 


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