Five Reasons to Get an Adequate Sleep

Getting Slim Now

Adequate meaning 8 + hours of sleep.

Not just lying in bed.

1) Regulate hormones

Getting enough sleep helps to regulate hormones including: testosterone, cortisol, growth hormone, leptin, serotonin and dopamine. Also, lack of sleep in men has been shown to give the same testosterone as men 10 years older. Not in a good way.

2) Increase cognition

Studies show that adequate sleep helps increase recollection, memory, and learning, and reaction time.

3) Remove toxins

When you sleep, the glymphatic system clears waste from the CNS. It circulates cerebrospinal spinal fluid to filter out waste surrounding the brain and spinal cord.

4) Increases immune system strength.

5) Increases HGH

This helps with fat loss, muscle growth, joint protection, tendon health.

Adequate sleep has so many other benefits so, the moral of the story, get your sleep!!

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