A Western Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly and Other Winged Creatures Today

Winged Victory

Here are five photos of a western tiger swallowtail butterfly in the garden, followed by a dove, a bee in the middle of a crepe myrtle bloom, and a bird I haven’t yet identified.

Also, though I don’t have a picture, yesterday evening we were sitting outside, and suddenly there was a very loud sound about four feet in front of me – something between a hawk’s screech and a mechanical tone – then a second later, 15 feet away to the right of the sound, I saw a very large bat, over a foot across, reflected in the garden lights.

The sound it made did not sound threatening, and it was probably painting me with sonar. Thankfully I was larger. 🙂 I have not heard a bat make such a loud sound before. Just about every day here, there is something to be learned from nature.

Please enjoy these…

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