Become a Master Blogger: The Ultimate Blogging Guide (Series Three).

Isaac Wasilwa

Learn How to Use WordPress.


Using WordPress is one of the basic skills you need to learn as a blogger. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to:

  • Customize your WordPress blog.
  • Create design and layout changes.
  •  Create your first post and page.

The WordPress front-end and back-end.

WordPress platform comes in twofold: front and back-end. Your readers and listeners are found on the front-end while theme customization, plugin functionality enhancements, and content publication takes place on the back-end.
Furthermore, you can comment or share on a blog post from either front or back-end.
Mostly known as the dashboard WordPress backend is the center of your blog’s management in terms of content, community, design, and functionality.

Traversing the dashboard.

The basic blog administration options are located on the left-hand column of your dashboard. On this menu side, you can configure and manage updates, posts, media, pages, comments, appearance and plugins…

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