The Easiest Weeknight Pizza

Everyone Romaine Calm

You know those nights when you couldn’t be fussed to make a whole big dinner but still want something filling and homemade. Usually when this feeling hits me, I tend to think “let’s just order in”.. come on, we’ve all been there. Then I tell myself not to be lazy, even though ordering in has its time and place, I like to make it something a little special, a time to try something new or enjoy a dish I haven’t yet quite figured out in the kitchen yet.

Enter – the easiest weeknight pizza. This dough could be as simple as 3 main ingredients: GF flour (or fav flour of choice), baking powder and greek yogurt. This is a recipe that I adapted from one on Buzzfeed years ago, but I have changed it around, adjusted as needed and spice up in various ways depending on what I’m using it…

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