Should You Do Strength Training When Trying to Lose Weight?

Bikini season is upon us again. Which means that everyone and their mother is likely trying to lose weight. There are tons of misconceptions out there about healthy weight loss, but in this post I am only going to address one: should you do strength training when trying to lose weight?

Common Misconceptions

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I’ve always been a big cardio girl myself. Especially in high school, my main goal from working out was to “burn calories.” And as far as I knew, cardio was the best way to do that. I knew that having muscle mass was good, but I didn’t really know why. Strength training was never something I cared enough about to put the time in for. Cardio always took priority. And I wasn’t trying to become hulk girl! Does this sound like something that’s gone through your mind too?

huge misconception…

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