Tips for makeup in combination with heat


Remember my friend Maggie, the makeup guru? Well, she’s back at it again! Summer is definitely here, high temperatures everywhere. And often, your makeup melts off your face. And that’s where Maggie comes in. Because she has tips to avoid that from happening!

  1. Check cleaning

When you use an oil-based cleanse or a balm in the morning, your skin will feel soft, but maybe a little slippery. This means that anything you put on after that will have less grip. Therefore, on hot days, opt for micellar water or a foaming gel that you rinse off with lukewarm water.

2. Light skincare

Your skin doesn’t need heavy or rich creams in the summer. A light, oil-free moisturizer with, for example, hyaluronic acid is sufficient, this also works well if you have dehydrated or dry skin. The advantage is that it retracts quickly.

3. Don’t forget SPF

Also choose a light…

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