Meike 25mm f/1.8 lens review on the Nikon Z50

Chrispy, your man in Japan

When the Nikon Z50 was released in 2019, many Nikon photographers were dismayed when there were only 2 native lenses at launch and even now in 2021 there is only one more additional DX lens in the Nikon roadmap. It was then up to 3rd party lens manufacturers to fill the void, and one the players that stepped up was Meike.

Meike launched a cheap, manual 25mm f/1.8 prime lens for the APS-C Z mount that was listed at US$99.45 at the time of writing. It then begs the question, does the lens deliver sufficient quality for use on the Nikon Z50? How is it in use?

Is it rubbish since it is after all a cheap lens at less than a 100 USD?

Let’s dive into these questions in this mini review.

*This lens was bought using my own money, no one sent me a free item or paid…

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