Athens, a mostly summer vacation destination, is commonly known for her crystal-blue-water beaches, her walks on the monumental streets of Plaka under the Acropolis, her traditional taverns, or, even, as simply a stop before getting on a ferry and sailing towards some beautiful Greek island. But what if there was even more?

Here are our top 5 hidden Athenian spots!

So , When In Athens, you should visit:

  1. Botanical Gardens of Athens

In case you want to escape the city center and enjoy a relaxing picnic surrounded by beautiful scenery, less than half an hour away from downtown Athens, theBotanical Garden of Diomedesis waiting for you to explore!

Stretching for almost 200 hectares, the Garden includes more than4000plant speciesand serve as an ideal getaway from the busy center of the city. Wander around the different parts of the Garden with sections of historical plants…

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