How I Stay Focused Every Night Study | Study Tips

maria inc

This is where I will share my own routine on staying focus on studying at night after work.

I found out that doing a self-pace learning is tough. The motivation to come home and study after a long day at work was cray – cray.

And so I tried to search on Youtube on how to stay focus studying at night – especially after work.

So this is what I found out…

FYI – this tips works best for me but not necessarily works best for you. So let’s look into this with a pinch of salt.

There are several ways that it personally helped me stay motivated and focus.

Listening to Lo-fi Hip-Hop beats on Youtube or Spotify

One of the many channels on youtube that starts to get real popular nowadays are Lofi Hip-Hop beats or chill beats while studying. Each video could last for at least…

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