What Do You Do With Your Old Smartphones? Trading Them in is a Good Option.

The Gamer With Kids

There was a time when I just threw old smartphones I had into a box when they outlived their usefulness to me. They would usually just sit there and collect dust or I’d turn them back on every now and then just to feel nostalgic. After I had kids, many of these old smartphones got handed down to them so they could use them to play games or watch videos with them. There were some instances where I did sell some old phones on services like Ebay or Swappa and these were mainly for smartphones that were on services I was no longer on, but usually, my priorities weren’t on selling them.

However, my feelings towards old phones have changed with age as I now realize that hoarding all these old phones wasn’t very beneficial. Sure some got reused by my children, but I often wonder how much value I…

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