How to find great study music


Sometimes, all you need to start typing up that assignment or doing that reading is some good music coming through your headphones! But how can you do it effectively without wasting time and not getting distracted? Read below to find out how McChill can help you focus!

What’s good study music?

Good study music has one goal: to help you focus on getting your studies done! So with that in mind, I would recommend only listening to instrumental music (that is, songs with no lyrics). This is because it’s harder to focus when you are constantly hearing words being spoken to you (which is backed up by countless research), so unfortunately Taylor Swift is not on the table.

But Hans Zimmer is!

Instrumental music may not be something you’re familiar with, but the easiest way to find something you’ll like is by searching up original soundtracks (OST) for videogames, movies…

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