10 study tips for students


The year 2020 was a message to everyone to speculate over the past, present and future. The lockdown gives us an eternity to believe in our skill and ability. These days were a time for self-analysis, especially for students. Closing the academic institutions and execution of online studies has created a lot of difference in studies conception. 

Many students and parents are struggling with unfamiliar with teaching manners and techniques. Although, the online version of the study may seem to be easier replacing the traditional methods has disturbed the balance of equilibrium of the knowledge. 

Here are some 10 crucial tips to manage the studies online with the proper mindset and attention.

1.De-clutter the study space

Arrange your space according to your needs and expectations. A study shows that people with clean and arranged space are healthier and active than easy people. However, clutter gives rise to depression, fatigue and…

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