Restoring a Vintage 1957 Singer Featherweight 222K

Professionally Restored Vintage Fine Quality Sewing Machines

The Singer featherweight is one of Singer’s iconic sewing machines and it has a well deserved reputation Diminutive in size and weighing in around 10 pounds, it looks like a toy. In reality, it is a very fine sewing machine and has a full rotating hook and gear driven sewing mechanism. The featherweight is known for it’s beautiful straight stitch. Adding to it’s portability, the front of the sewing bed flips up and the machine fits in a small sewing case. It is great for quilting piecework and any sewing project that does not require much harp space.

There are two styles of featherweights. The model 221 that has a fixed flip up bed, and the 222K that has a removeable flip up bed. Removing the bed reveals a free arm. One other feature that distinguishes the 221 from the 222 is the 222’s ability to drop the feed dogs…

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