Travel Humour| How To Plan Your Solo Travel

Happy Panda

Reposting this post, since I loved writing it and since we’re all slowly starting to travel (domestic) again – it may elicit a laugh!

Disclaimer: I am not a pro at solo travel.

Step wise guide on how to plan and start your solo travel:

1. Apply for leave from your corporate job (if you have one, else skip to the next step!). Beg your boss to give you leave based on your (not so) stellar performance. Appeal to his humane side. Bribe him with gifts from your travels. And finally go on strike, refuse to submit any work till he approves your leave.

2. Once your leave gets approved and you’ve finished mini-dancing in the office washroom, open Google Chrome and search the places you want to visit (if you haven’t already picked a place). Look at your savings and cross off 85% percent of the places on your…

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