How to stay focused: Easy tips to be more productive

Sam Arts

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Our brain is a platform where multiple windows are open 24/7. It’s hard to stay focused on one goal for a couple of hours.

So let’s just try it out!


First, I do simple tasks so that I can spend more time on the difficult ones. Since complicated things can take more time, it’s better to finish the simple things, so at least you can relax for the easier ones.

But let us check it out!

  • Take A Break

Our attention span is brief, and after 25-30 minutes, you’re going to spend your time flipping pages or looking at the phone. For every thirty minutes, there must be a 10-minute pause. You can do any unimportant thing for 10 minutes. For instance:

A walk in the kitchen.

Listen to a couple of songs.

Check your emails and messages.

Practice deep breathing meditation.

  • Fruit for your labor


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