How My Husband & I Decluttered 992 Items From Our Home!

Little Minimalist on the Prairies

This January, my mom and I decided to do a declutter challenge. We live in different provinces, and we thought it would be a fun way to tackle decluttering our homes, share our love of minimalism, and cheer each other on throughout the process.

My husband and I had moved away from our home for a semester while we were both remotely doing school and work, so the timing seemed perfect to create a fresh start as we came back to the home (and all the stuff) we had left months earlier.

The challenge was simple: Starting on January 1st, we’d get rid of one item. On January 2nd, 2 items; on January 3rd, 3 items; and so on and so forth until January 31! (In case you’re doing the math, that’s 496 items over the course of the month!!)

I was so excited to begin this decluttering journey, that…

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