12 Cookbooks: All About Cake

Kitchener Public Library

Post by Matt, Information Services staff

Welcome to 12 Cookbooks! In this series, I read, cook from, and lightly review twelve cookbooks from Kitchener Public Library’s extensive collection. Every month I pick a book, make some food, and share my experiences. Let’s get cooking!

After last month’s successful foray into Chinese-American cooking, I was excited to try something new. But what could possibly live up to those amazing dumplings? The only solution was to do something completely different, something so removed from the same palate that it satisfied a whole different set of cravings and taste buds. It had to be dessert.

When I started coming up with the structure of 12 Cookbooks, I knew that I wanted to practice my baking. Even before 2020 I loved to bake bread, cookies, pies, and other desserts, but I’ve never really messed around with cake. Why would I? Global pandemic aside…

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