Top 5 Tricks and Commands to Teach Your New Puppy!


Hey everyone and happy Thursday! I am going to be recommending 5 tricks and commands you should teach your pup right away. From tricks that will benefit your dogs safety to commands that are integral to teach your puppy. We got you covered on all the details! Also be sure to subscribe for more puppy content.

#5 is a trick that is basic but essential to teach your dog. It is the simple sit command. I personally recommend teaching your dog the sit command early in their life; not only is it a great way to get their attention in a situation where there might be other dogs around, the basic sit command leads to many other dog tricks (like laying down, roll, and bow). Start by picking an environment with no distractions so they keep focus. Secondly, you want to exercise your dog beforehand so during the training lesson…

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