Health Benefits of Sweet Granadilla or Grenadia

Optimal Health

Sweet granadilla or grenadia is a highly nutritious and flavorful fruit, with an orange to yellow skin when ripe. It is native to countries in Central and South America, including Mexico. Today, sweet granadilla grows in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, and Argentina. It is also an exotic fruit to tropical regions in Australia, Africa, the United States, New Zealand, India, Southeast Asia, Israel, Brazil, and Papua New Guinea. Sweet granadilla is scientifically referred to as Passiflora ligularis and is a close relative of the passion fruit (purple granadilla).

The fruit is not as popular as purple passion fruit. Sweet granadilla somewhat resembles the yellow passion fruit on the outer shell in terms of color. However, sweet granadilla and yellow passion fruit are completely different fruits based on their species and pulp characteristics. Besides, the skin of a sweet granadilla is thick and leathery, with white specks or…

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