Healthy Snack & Drink Ideas

With the new year just beginning, its common to make weight loss resolutions and attempt a healthier lifestyle (definitely speaking for myself). Finding snacks & drinks that are healthy and actually taste good make “dieting” or watching what you eat a breeze. Listed below are foods I’ve been enjoying over the last month that are healthier options when you’re in the mood to snack (or cook) but don’t want to eat overly processed, high calorie junk!

ReNude • Chagacinno ::: A super boost to traditional coffee that adds a healthy dose of adaptogens to support immunity, promote anti-aging and boost energy. The ingredients are: wild foraged chaga, organic cacao, organic Ceylon cinnamon & monk fruit. A stress relieving latte that boosts immunity.. what more could you ask for?! //

Sweet Nothings • Spoonable Smoothies ::: Healthy enough for breakfast and delicious enough for dessert. These single serve smoothie cups…

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