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Vegan macaroons

festive macaroons

When I first began to venture into the kitchen and cook my own dishes for the first time, baking was my initial love. I love anything that gives me clear, precise instructions and a guaranteed sugary outcome. However, as I began more passionate about intuitive eating and adopting a plant-based diet, I found myself gravitating towards cooking rather than baking.

In recent years , however, I have tasked myself with revolutionizing my personal approach to baking and changing classic recipes from my childhood into new-age baking to support my lifestyle. This was particularly inspired by my brother and his girlfriend gifting me a vegan baking cookbook for my birthday this year. Suddenly, I was exposed to a whole host of new vegan baking recipes to analyze and digest.

This year, I compiled some family favorite cookie recipes and modified them based on my personal understanding of vegan baking. Coconut and…

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