Ras Malai (Paneer Dumplings in Sweet Milk)

Spice Culture Cooking

Desserts are probably my favorite meal of the day! Yes – I definitely have sweet tooth, and Indian desserts are one of my favorite. In particular, I love the milk-based desserts of Indian cuisine. There are so many of them too! We have Indian milk-based fudge (burfi), drinks, and my all-time favorite – RAS MALAI.

This dessert is absolutely delicious! The way its made is by taking Paneer (Indian curd cheese) and kneading it multiple times into a smooth dough. It is then portioned out and cooked again in a sweet water syrup till soft and spongey. After its cooked, these paneer “malai’s” or dumplings are then soaked in a thickened sweet milk that is boiled with saffron, sugar and cardamom. It is then cooled and mixed with ground pistachios, for the most incredible dessert you will ever try!

Making the paneer can be time-consuming when trying to make it…

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