Pumpkin-Oat Cinnamon Rolls

Plant and Pine

As of this past Monday, Toronto is back in a COVID lockdown.  Our case count in Toronto, in Ontario and in much of Canada, is wildly out of control.  Unfortunately, despite knowing full well there was a second fall/winter wave coming, and that it would likely be much worse than the first, our provincial government seems to have done little to prepare in the ten months since this began.  And so here were again, clinging gratefully to what meager dwellings we have to safely shelter in (whist also a housing crisis continues to rage).  I haven’t been leaving my house much at all other than for work even when restrictions were loosened and while that obviously has an impact, I’m still grateful that I can stay at home as much as I have been.


So, this means it’s time again to turn to stress baking to ease the days and…

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