3 Types of Bikes: What You Need to Know


If you want to buy a bike, it is important to know that there are different types of bikes available. You need to understand the key features and their functions to help in making a decision.

Before you decide on the type of bike you would want, first, think about:

  • Your fitness goals
  • Where you plan to ride
  • How important the quality of riding is for you
  • Whom you want to ride with and what type of riding they do
  • Your budget

Below are 3 examples of bikes and their features:

Mountain bike

A mountain bike is a bicycle designed for cycling off the road. It has large knobby tires, durable wheels, powerful brakes, and straight handlebars. Its suspension helps a cyclist to navigate through rocky mountain trails.

Mountain Bike

A mountain bike has light frames for easy maneuvering through the rocky mountains, forests and hills.

Pros: Has more responsive…

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