8 Sweets You Can Bake as a Total Beginner

The Pinay Ajumma

Baking may sound difficult but there’s no turning back once you get the hang of it. To start your baking journey, why not begin with these easy recipes? The good news is that you can find them on the internet, particularly YouTube. Shout-out to all the YouTubers who are generous enough to share their delicious creations!

This post is actually my way of responding to a fellow blogger who left a comment on my previous post asking about the things I’ve been baking these days. Thanks to her I can share my takes on these treats here! As a total beginner myself, I’m confident that you can also bake them. Photos are from my Instagram.

Chocolate Brownies

Banana Choco Chip Bread

Choco Crinkles

Chocolate Doughnuts

Choco Butternut Doughnuts

Mocha Muffins

Almond Choco Chip Cookies

Chocolate Muffins

Now it’s your turn to create these yummy treats. If you want to…

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