For Once, I’m Ahead of the Curve: The Travel Trailer

The Travel Architect

I saw it on the local news the other night, so it’s official:

RVs are hip.

Well no, they didn’t say “hip” exactly; what they said was that everyone’s clamoring to get one now – or at least rent one – because of fears of coronavirus floating around airplane cabins, hotels, AirBnBs, VRBOs, and other communal travel spaces.

Except for sartorial fashions during my high school years, I’ve never been an “early adopter” of anything.  I’m impervious to trends, as a peek into my current clothes closet will reveal.  With phones and other tech, getting the latest thing seems foolish – I wait until the bugs are worked out… duh.  Nor am I someone who can claim to have “discovered” a band before they made it big.  Even with travel I’m usually late to the game.  By the time I’ve made it to the hottest new destination, it’s…

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