Restoration of a 1925 Vintage Singer Model 66 “Red Eye” Sewing Machine

Professionally Restored Vintage Fine Quality Sewing Machines

This restoration is for a Singer 66 Red Eye. I’ve been looking to do one of these for a while, but I needed a machine that had decent decals. If you look at the closely at decorative and complex colorful decals, you will see what I mean. There is a lot of detail in the decals on the bed, and decal loss is very noticeable. Although I see many red eye decals, many have significant wear on the leading edge, sewing arm, and on the bed. This is not surprising since the last red eye’s were made 95 years ago. This machine shows some wear, but for 95 years old, the decals are in very good condition, They look a little bit smudgy on the main bed decals, but the pattern is intact and the colors are still very well maintained. Due to it’s age alone, the machine is due…

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