Vegan Oreo Cake Balls (GF-Option)

Nourishing Amy

Rich and decadent chocolate cake ball truffles with lots of Oreo buttercream dipped in white chocolate. These cake balls are easy to make, they are naturally vegan, easily gluten-free and are a fun recipe to use up cake.

What to do with leftover cake? Now, this isn’t an issue I have a lot BUT it is one I have when I make hidden loaf cakes or my brand-new Vegan Mini Oreo Cakes. Once you’ve cut out the cake you need for the recipe, you’re left with a lot of scraps (at least 300g worth) and you have two options:

  1. Eat the cake scraps
  2. Make cake balls!

Vegan Oreo Cake Balls
Vegan Oreo Cake Balls

On this occasion, I went with option 2 to bring you these deliciously moreish, rich and indulgent Vegan Oreo Cake Balls ready in just a few steps. As much as I love the regular chocolate cakes, I might just prefer…

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