7 instructions that you should teach your toddler to follow if you want to make your lives easier

Humble Horizons Montessori

Photo by Thgusstavo Santana from Pexels

Toddlers are a lot like little puppies. They need to learn what to pay attention to, what to listen to, and how predictably the world is going to remain consistent. Puppies are a lot easier to control than toddlers, of course, because puppies aren’t actively trying to outsmart you and puppies don’t operate at the higher potential of your human little one.

So if you want to make life with a toddler easier for you and for every other adult and maybe peer they come in contact with, I strongly recommend that you teach them to follow seven of what I consider to be the most important instructions. Everyone fares better if your child is a solid responder socially– they do, you do, and others do, too. If your toddler has a strong core set of behavioral skills mastered, it helps them be cooperative…

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