Top 10 Writerly Typewriters

Typewriter Review

Here’s ten typewriters that will be sure to please.

The list is numbered, but don’t let the numbering sway you. Any of these will do the job. Most are from the 1950s or later. They’re not collectible. They’re not antiques. They’re for working writers.

You should be able to nabone for under $200 that probably just needsa new ribbon. They’re all portables, because they’re easier to ship and are more readily available. A quick search on eBay or Etsy will yield several results. Most are plentiful, while some mayexistin fewer quantities. But wait a week or two and you’ll likely find a good one.

Have I overlooked anythat should be on the list?

Nominate your worthy ones in the comments section!

Remember: this is the typewriter you’d recommend to your writer friend as their first typewriter. They’re relying on you to come through!

That’s why this list may appear conservative…

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