Why One Should Write More on Paper Instead of Word Processors

Lifting Words

I love writing and I do it every day even if it is just a scribble.

I have been writing for a while and over this appreciably long time, I have learned a few things about writing. It derives totally from my personal experience. Even though I was not the most active writer here in my blog, I was still doing it somewhere else — which was largely my first attempt to write a novel.

While I decided to write my first novel titled “I And The God”, I took a different approach. Usually, when I write something, I tend to utilize a word processor.

However, against the larger advice, I started writing my novel in plain A4 papers. And there was something interesting about it.

A picture of sample of my work. Blurred because it is still in progress.

The pros of writing onpaper

There are a few things…

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