The Language Of Love | How Understanding Different Love Languages Can Help You Write Romance

Avril Marie Aalund

When it comes to writing romance, some of the most powerful scenes come out of moments in which characters show their feelings for their significant others. But this does not limit itself to profound speeches or getting down on one knee.

People express their love in various forms, so with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I thought it serves as the perfect opportunity to explore the little ways these feelings might be made known.

This might be a phrase as simple as “I love you” or something more unique to the couple like “As you wish” in The Princess Bride or “I wolf you” on Netflix’s You or, in the case of my own works, the reoccurrences of “I swear it to you”  in Guises to Keep and the way the phrase itself builds up alongside the relationship.

However, it’s not just about saying “I love you” or whichever twist…

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