Slice Of Life – We’re All Built Differently And That’s Okay

Thoughts Of A Writer

I briefly touch upon loneliness and anxiety in this post. So I want to preface that while I’ve work for years with people who have mental health issues, what I write here shouldn’t replace the help of a health professional.

If you’re struggling with loneliness and anxiety or know someone who is, I encourage you to please seek support. Always take care of yourselves and those important to you.


Do you ever find yourself enjoying your time alone, sometimes even craving it? Even if it was paved with good intentions, have you been judged for it?

I have.

I am an introvert.

What this mostly means is that I recharge my energy in low stimulus environments. Growing up, I didn’t know that and for a long time, in a world that is mainly designed for extroverts, people who require environments with lot of stimulation including a lot of…

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